.38 Special


For over 35 years, .38 Special has been rocking out with their special blend of Southern and arena rock. Their down home feel and catchy music have made them a staple in the rock world. They've toured with everyone from Lynyrd Skynyrd to REO Speedwagon.


Founded by Dan Barnes and Donny Van Zant back in 1975, Barnes is a talented musician and songwriter whose longevity in the music business is a testament to his skill. Van Zant, an accomplished songwriter in his own right, is a theatrical and energetic performer that draws the crowd in and creates an unparalleled level of excitement.  .38 Special has become a classic. They found success in the early eighties with hits like, Hold on Loosely and Caught up in You. Their number one hits propelled them to stardom and has given them a loyal fan following.

.38 Special Tickets are available now. The crowd favorite plays a variety of venues around the country. From headliner shows to music festivals, you'll be able to see this band play the hits that made them famous. While some of the musicians have changed, the sound hasn't. The classic rock will resonate with fans both young and old alike.

.38 Special is one of those bands that you'll want to take a group to see. Their energy and ability to relate to the crowd make them a must see. Get your .38 Special tickets today so you're sure to see this classic band.

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