Bad Religion

 If you grew up in the 1980s, you undoubtedly heard the songs produced by veteran punk rockers Bad Religion. Not only did these Southern Californian musicians spark a revival of the music genre, they also inspired other singers and bands in other types as well. While members have come and gone, lead vocalist Greg Graffin has been the thread that has held different versions of the band together in the 30 years after Bad Religion got its start. Currently, though, the band has three of its four original members, including Graffin. These veteran rockers have put together some of punk rock's biggest hits like "21st Century (Digital Boy) and "American Jesus."  To commemorate the band's 30th anniversary, they've released their 14th studio album and have planned a tour to coincide with the album's release. They're finishing up their tour of southern California in which they are singing 30 songs at 30 venues in 30 days, which is culminating at the end of April. There are even plans to take the tour to the United Kingdom.  Be one of the throngs of adoring fans to come see these original rockers celebrate this momentous anniversary.

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