Ben Folds

 When Ben Folds Five disbanded, a new solo artist emerged called Ben Folds. The popular rock band's front man Benjamin Scott Folds kept his successful career going and has since released six LPs, including a project he deemed experimental called "Fear of Pop." Although he hasn't recorded with his former bandmates in a while, Ben Folds have found some other interesting singing partners, the likes of which are Weird Al Yankovic and William Shatner. He helped on their albums and Yankovic also had appeared in and even helped direct Ben Folds' video for his single "Rockin' the Suburbs." Shatner also helped sing "In Love," for Ben Fold's "Fear of Pop" album. Cake's lead singer, John McCrea, also helped sing on Ben Folds' song titled "Fred Jones, Part 2." Most of the time at his concerts, Ben Folds sings all of his songs and plays all of the instruments used in those songs. And he's now a YouTube phenomenon after he released a video called "Ode to Merton."

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