Cleveland Indians

 Even though they tried for last place in the AL Central Division for 2009, the Clevland Indians are off to a great start in spring Training. With last year's acquisition of left fielder, Matt LaPorta, the tribe is poised for a successful season. LaPorta brings not only a strong hitting presence to the team, but a light-hearted humorous personality that can go a long way when the chips are down. Get Indian's tickets right here at EventTicketDepot and get your seat to see this promising young outfielder in action.


 Progressive Field is home to the Cleveland Indians. It's a baseball only stadium located in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Progressive Field is part of the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex that is also home to the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team. 

Progressive field is a world-class facility that offers spacious seating and a variety of events and amenities that keep fans coming back. Fans can make a whole day of coming to the field by taking in Heritage Park. Heritage Park is home to the Indian's Hall of Fame. It's located in center field and gives fans the opportunity to learn about the history and accomplishments of the Cleveland Indians throughout their long history.

 If you're looking for a true baseball experience, make sure you get your tickets to Progressive Field today. They're available right here on EventTicketDepot.

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