Danny Gokey

 One of the hottest shows on television, American Idol, has brought us some of the most talented musicians in the music industry today. Danny Gokey is one of the many talented musicians who have participated in the American Idol competition, and has become a popular recording artist afterward. Danny Gokey was encouraged to try out for American Idol by his wife, who died from surgery complications just four weeks before the auditions. Danny entered the competition while grieving for his wife, and ended up coming in third. He then signed with 19 Recordings and RCA records. He has recorded his debut album, My Best Days, and has released a single off of it. Danny Gokey is a wonderful singer, and has become well known from his success on American Idol, and recently as a country music artist who has crossed over from the church music realm. Seeing Danny Gokey in person is a treat, and will leave any listener with a song in his heart.

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