Dark Star Orchestra

 Starting in 1997, Dark Star Orchestra is a tribute band to an older band, Grateful Dead. They have an extensive range of musicians whose various backgrounds aid in recreating multiple eras of music. Dark Star Orchestra is currently hosting the Seeds of Light Tour, where they are accepting donations for five days of food drives. With both well-seasoned artists and those new to the band, Dark Star Orchestra's crew and performers create shows that have been heralded in The Rolling Stone magazine, the Associated Press, and The Washington Post, among others.

 Dark Star Orchestra got their renown for how they base their performances off of Grateful Dead's music of many eras. This exciting band announces the era that the performance originally took place in at the end of their show. Though Dark Star Orchestra occasionally adds their own original songs, most of the performances revolve around recreating the experience from the songs and covers originally performed by Grateful Dead. If interested in older music flourishing in a new light, this band will entertain many generations in the audience.

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