David Allan Coe

 Country music owes much of the talent in the songs to songwriters who may not have made a huge name for themselves in the singing end of the industry. David Allan Coe happens to be a singer/songwriter, who has made it in both areas. Popular songs such as "Take This Job and Shove It," covered by Johnny Paycheck, and "Would You Lay With Me," sung by Tanya Tucker, were some of his greatest compositions. Coe also sang the hits, "You Never Even Called Me by My Name," and "If That Ain't Country." Coe is seen as somewhat different than many other country singers, and has developed the image of an "Outlaw" country singer. That said, his musical ability has remained something to watch over the years, and he is still very much sought after among country and western fans. There is something special about seeing the famous singer and songwriter perform, especially when the music you hear brings back fond memories of your youth.

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