David Spade

 Although most of us recognize David Spade for his television and motion picture work, he actually got his start in Hollywood as a writer on Saturday Night Live back in 1990. Most of David's early work on that ensemble show was assigned to Dana Carvey to perform, but David later came into his own by introducing a show segment called "The Hollywood Minute," a bitingly sarcastic jab at celebrities and their lifestyles. The contrast of David's child-like demeanor coupled with his acerbic words proved a winning combination.

 Spade left Saturday Night Live in 1996 to pursue movie and television work in front of the camera. Movies like "Joe Dirt" and "Tommy Boy" brought him moderate recognition, but David really came into his own with the television show "Just Shoot Me" for which he has earned Emmy nominations and two Golden Globes.  In a "déjà vu" turn of events, David was cast in a Comedy Central production called, "The Showbiz Show with David Spade" in 2005. Similar in format to his SNL "Hollywood Minute," the show had a successful three-season run. David is currently starring in Rules of Engagement. He is also taking his own special brand of stand-up humor on the road with a series of concerts around the country, and EventTicketDepot is making sure you have the opportunity to catch David live.

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