Edwin McCain

 Known for his love songs, "I'll Be" and "I Could Not Ask For More," Edwin McCain is an alternative rock and pop musician. McCain has been singing for over twenty years, and the award winner has been on television shows and started numerous weddings with his music. Though his songs' popularity can surprise him, his romantic music has touched the heart of those who listen. His special preference is to perform live, as it enables him to reach out to his audience.

 With almost fourteen years of touring, the Pat McGee Band formed in 1994. Pat McGee has recorded both solo music and music with the band. He is a rock and blues singer-songwriter. The band was formed in Richmond, Virginia. Pat McGee's first solo release was in 1995, with "From the Wood," with his next release in 1997. He has released a few songs on iTunes and Napster only in order to promote his album, Save Me, which was released in 2005. McGee's latest release is These Days (The Virginia Sessions) in 2009, and he is currently in the process of writing songs for his next album.

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