Erykah Badu

 American recording artist Eryka Badu has many talents to her credit. Her talents include singing, acting, producing great music. She sings hip hop, jazz, and R&B, and all of them with a flair which most music artists do not possess. Her reputation, besides being based on her musical talent, also includes the style she wears and how she wears it. She is known for wearing some of the most colorful headwraps, which look amazing on her. Her albums include the titles "Mama's Gun", "Baduizm", and the "New Amerykah" albums, parts one and two. She has toured extensively, and has participated in concerts and festivals, including the Frustrated Artist Tour, and the Out My Mine Just in Time Tour. You can enjoy the unique sound Erykah Badu brings to the stage when you join her live during her current tour. Her sound has been compared to that of Billie Holiday, and her style is truly her own.


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