George Winston

 In this day and age of cookie-cutter pop music, few musicians are known solely for their ability to play classical piano.  Pianist George Winston is a rare exception.  Born in 1949 in Michigan, Winston, who grew up mostly in Montana, recorded his first album in the 1970s.  Several more albums of piano music followed and he has become one of the best known instrumental musicians today.

 Winston may be best known outside classical music circles for his album, "Linus and Lucy: The Music of Vince Guaraldi," a tribute album to the artist who played all of the great music for the Peanuts programs, including A Charlie Brown Christmas, which still airs each year.  Winston is also known for his classical music take on The Doors.

He is well known for producing a number of artists, including Hawaiian guitarists, harmonica players, and folk singers.  Through these projects, he is able to spread his love of music into other genres and mediums.

Those who see this tremendous musician perform live are often in for a surprise.  For one reason, Winston plays in his stocking feet and dresses in ordinary clothes.  This is a far cry from many classical musicians today who often perform in tuxedos or evening gowns.  In addition to playing piano, he also plays blues harmonica from time to time during his shows.  Although his dress may not be spectacular, his performances surely are.

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  American born pianist George Winston has made a name for himself with more than simply playing the piano. He plays in a contemporary style, and combines his talents between playing piano, guitar, and harmonica. If you are fortunate to be in the audience at a George Winston show, you will be treated to hearing music you may have been familiar with from the time you were a child. He has produced music in tribute to Vince Guaraldi, the composer of the Peanuts films featuring snoopy and Charlie Brown. He has also adapted many songs by others into his own style, and come up with some unique sounding instrumentals. He plays a great blues harmonica, and his acoustic guitar, which he usually plays songs which are Appalachian or Hawiian style. He has released numerous albums, including some which were benefit albums, including "Remembrance, A Memorial Benefit", and " Gulf Coast Blues & Impressions: A Hurricane Relief Benefit", and has another album planned to benefit hurricane relief. His other albums include the titles "Ballads and Blues", "Winter into Spring", "Plains", "Montana- A Love Story", and "Love Will Come- The Music of Vince Guaraldi, Volume 2".

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