Hall and Oates

 Good music is something which most people love, and some of the best music has come out of the 1970's and 1980's, with greats such as Hall & Oates. Daryl Hall and John Oates are a singing duo who also play many different instruments. They are known for playing a lot of rhythm and blues, fusion rock and roll, and including other musicians in their shows and jamming along as the greats sing their best music. They have produced many albums over the years, including the titles "Whole Oates", "Bigger Than Both of Us", " Beauty on a Back Street", "Big Barn Boom", Do It For Love", and "Home For Christmas". They have had many popular singles over the decades, including the songs "Rich Girl", "Sara Smile", "She's Gone", "Maneater", "Jingle Bell Rock", and the song "And That's What Hurts" from the movie Runaway Bride.

 Being a part of the audience in a Hall & Oates show is an experience which will be one of your great memories. The show they put on, and the songs they share with the crowd, will bring back memories of the songs you love from the past, and at the same time give you a taste of what is new with Hall and Oates. If this is not the type of event you want to attend, we also have tickets to other types of events, and many options of entertainment for you to choose from. Sporting events, drama events, dance events, and the silly things people love to be a part of, such as the circus or a tractor pull. Whatever your taste in events and entertainment, Event Ticket Depot may be able to help you get the tickets you want to enjoy it to the max.


First on the music scene together in the late 1970s, Daryl Hall and John Oates prefer to call their music a combination of rock and roll and R&B: rock and soul. Their hits include the songs, "Kiss on My List," "Rich Girl," and "Maneater." They have had the privilege of being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and have experienced many successful hits over the last few decades. Seeing such a dynamic duo in concert is the ultimate in entertainment experiences. Hall and Oates have many hits which have spanned over the last few decades, including popular TV show themes, and songs used in movies and TV series. Hall and Oates offer a performance that will bring back many memories of music enjoyed over the years, as well as offer you and whoever goes with you, the musical experience of a lifetime. It only takes a few moments to know you have come to a show which will be something to remember, and this one of those very special shows.


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