Indigo Girls

 There is something reminiscent of the 1960's about folk rock music. The Indigo Girls are one of the groups who sings American Folk Rock, and does it very well. There are two who make up this duo, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. They began performing together in 1985 as the Indigo Girls, and released their first single, "Crazy Game", with the other side having the song "Everybody's Waiting (for Someone to Come Home". Since then they have released many other singles, including the songs "Hammer and Nail", "Ghost", "Power of Two", "Shame on You", "Shed Your Skin", and "Dear Mr. President" with the group Pink. Indigo Girls Albums include the titles "Indigo Girls", "Swamp Ophelia", "Come on Now Social", and "Back on the Bus Y'all". Seeing the Indigo Girls live will give you a wonderful mix of their songs from a couple of decades ago and the more recent music they have been doing.

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