Jay Leno

 Jay Leno is a name most people are familiar with. Most often when people hear his name, they think of his late night TV show, and may forget that Jay Leno is first and foremost a comedian. His stand up comedy act is one which includes many political jokes, plays on what is in the news, and routines which include his personal experiences as well as those he has seen in the lives of others. When you see  Jay Leno live, you are in for a treat. His comedy routine will leave you laughing, and his personality will draw you in to want to hear and see even more. Jay Leno was born in New York state. His birth name is James Douglas Muir. Jay Leno is one of the most popular late night TV show hosts there is, and has been doing late night TV regularly since 1992. You can see Jay Leno live, and have the night of your life with lots of fun, plenty of laughs, and many other people who enjoy and appreciate good humor.


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