Jeffrey Osborne

 Every once in a while, there comes a song which makes your heart take flight and brings you to a higher plane. Such a song is "On the Wings of Love," a piece of romantic music so strong it has become a part of our cultural landscape. "On The Wings of Love" has been heard on the radio, on television and in films, a tribute to its amazing creator and singer, Jeffrey Osborne. Jeffrey's been around for years, singing his hits and bringing romance and beautiful music wherever he goes. He's coming to your town in a very special concert. Buy your tickets now from EventTicketDepot.

 Jeffrey Osborne first made a name for himself as a drummer, then as lead singer for R&B band L.T.D. After going solo, he hit it big with "On The Wings of Love" and other songs such as "I Don't Need No Light" and "Stay With Me, Tonight." He was one of the many performers on the world-changing U.S.A. for Africa session, singing "We Are The World." He also hit high on the charts with "You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)" and "Love Power," a duet with the legendary Dionne Warwick. Jeffrey's been seen on TV lately, popping up on E! networks' The Soup and singing his transcendent hit "On The Wings of Love" with Alfonso Ribiera on Celebrity Duets.

With his smooth romantic voice and tender songs, Jeffrey Osborne is a concert you are going to want to share with close friends or lovers. Jeffrey's show is certain to please you with his mixture of music and showmanship which befits a performer of his caliber. A seat at the show will transport you to a place of love and understanding; it will truly take you "On The Wings of Love." Get your seat today from EventTicketDepot.

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