LeAnn Rimes

 When LeAnn Rimes first hit the charts with her single, "Blue," people were amazed by the tremendous tone and depth of her vocals. Amazement turned to shock when people found out that this seasoned singer was only 13 years old. Often compared to Patsy Cline, LeAnn has continued to make a career in country and popular music, winning multitudes of fans and selling millions of records. Good news. LeAnn Rimes is playing in concert and tickets are available right now from EventTicketDepot.

 The song "Blue" was originally written by Dallas DJ Bill Mack way back in the sixties for Patsy Cline herself, who died before she could perform it. The legend goes that he had to wait 30 years to find another voice that could do it justice and when he found it, it was in the body of this charming little 13-year-old girl. "Blue" took the country by storm and LeAnn was rewarded with a top country album. Since then, she has gone on to prove she can sing everything, releasing albums of pop standards, like "You Light up My Life" and "The Rose," and rhythm and blues like Prince's "Purple Rain." She hasn't strayed from her roots, releasing the self-titled, LeAnn Rimes, and covering such country classics as "Me and Bobby McGee" and "Crazy," a song made famous by Patsy Cline. Since 2005, she's been consistently country and her new album, Family, is the first album she's written or co-written every song.

You don't want to miss this amazing singing, songwriting prodigy with the voice of an angel. She's performing just a few concerts this year, so buy your tickets from EventTicketDepot now so you can be positive you'll get to experience this phenomenal performer live and close up. LeAnn Rimes is coming to play and sing and you'll be "blue" if you miss it.


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