Lewis Black

 You know when Lewis Black is really getting going, he starts to shout. And the louder he shouts, the funnier he gets. In Lewis Black: In God We Rust, he'll shout, scream, and let loose torrents of scorn and sarcasm at all the right targets. Get your tickets to this incredible comedic show from EventTicketDepot.

 What's not well known is that Lewis Black started as a playwright in residence at Steve Olsen's West Bank Café Downstairs Theater in New York City. It was there that Lewis started to hone his stand-up comedy skills. Most people knew him first as a correspondent on John Stewart's, The Daily Show, on Comedy Central where he was most effective at venting his rage at various government foibles. He can still be seen regularly showing up to vent his spleen. Two HBO specials followed: Lewis Black on Broadway and Red, White and Screwed. He's also made appearances on television in the animated series, Duck Dodgers and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, and on CBS TV's, The Big Bang Theory. He has hosted his own quasi-quiz show on Comedy Central, Lewis Black's The Root of All Evil, where competing stand-ups would make their case as to what was the greater of two evils. He has made movie appearances in the films, Accepted, Man of the Year and Unaccompanied Minors. He won a Grammy Award for "Best Comedy Album" for his smash, The Carnegie Hall Performance.

But as good as he is as an actor, it's the comedy stage where he really shines. In concert, he's able to stretch out and really get to the heart of things. So order your tickets through EventTicketDepot and take this chance to watch Lewis Black vent his spleen. See the man in person who's made you laugh so often on TV.

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