Los Angeles Chargers

 The top professional sport in America is typically considered to be baseball, but football is slowly on the rise as one of the most fan-friendly sports to attend.  The NFL has really gone to great lengths in the past decade or so to make the games more accessible to fans, including an increase in television airings, commercials, and fan promotions.  They really want fans to see games as something that they can bring their children to and really enjoy as a family.

 One of the great teams in terms of making the games a fan friendly experience is the San Diego Chargers.  They play their games at Qualcomm Stadium, which has been around since 1967.  Despite being an older venue, it is really a great place to watch the Chargers play.  Of course the Chargers in general have been playing in the NFL since 1960.

The Chargers have a great logo which is an arc-shaped lightning bolt.  Given that "chargers" is more of a general term about people charging, it doesn't really lend itself to a logo.  As a result, they came up with the lightning bolt, which is a great idea for football.  A lightning bolt strikes quickly and without warning and a football team wants to do likewise, either with their offense or defense.

If you are a Chargers fan and want to see a game at Qualcomm, you can get tickets here on EventTicketDepot.  They also have tickets to all the Chargers away games, as well as just about every other NFL game each season.  What better way to spend a day with your friends and family than with a little tailgating, following by watching one of the great professional teams out there today.  Football truly is a family affair.

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