Los Angeles Rams

 Although now based in Missouri, the St. Louis Rams of the NFL actually started out in Cleveland Ohio, in 1936.  Like many teams throughout the world of professional sports, the team's owner decided to move them, but not to St. Louis.  First, they went to Los Angeles where they played from 1946 to 1995.  Despite only being in St. Louis for a relatively short time relative to their career, they have really been embraced by the city and their fans.

 As a franchise the team has one Super Bowl and the fans are eager to see their team get back to that level soon.  The team plays their home games at the Edward Jones Dome, which is a great facility for watching football.  The fans there love their stadium and all the great things that it has to offer. 

The city of St. Louis has lots of great attractions that would be of interest to both children and adults alike.   They are probably best well known for the Gateway Arch, a giant steel structure that forms an arch.  While from far away it may look just like a statue, it actually has a set of cars on the inside that you can ride in.  It goes all the way up to the top of the arch and back down.  Also, underneath the arch, underground, there are shops and other amenities that you might be interested in.

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