Lucha Libre

 The luchadores are coming. These masked men, beloved by their fans, nimble on their feet, and capable of high flying kicks and drops are coming to your town for a demonstration of the luchadore way of wrestling. Different from the US form of pro-wrestling, the luchadores hate to reveal their identities, hiding their faces behind the traditional luchadore mask. Lucha Libre is the premium demonstration of Mexican wrestling and tickets are available from EventTicketDepot, so reserve them now before they're all gone.

 Mexican Luchadora wrestling has always been around (at least since the 1940s), but has recently come more into the public's consciousness with movies such as, Nacho Libre, and television shows such as the cartoon, Mucha Lucha, on Nickelodeon. Luchadoras show up regularly on the WWE, and MTV2 has recently announced a slate of Lucha Libre fights to be broadcast on the network. The Lucha Libre style is known for its frenetic athletics, with high flying kicks and drops, head scissors, rudos (bad guys), and tecnicos (good guys). The New York Times has said "Colorful masks, slapstick comedy, and frenetic fighting style have propelled the sport to rival soccer in Mexico." Multiple weight classes ensure an enjoyable evening of comparable matches. And who knows, you may get to see one of your favorites unmasked in the time honored tradition of the sport. Because no honorable Lucha Libre wrestler would back out of a wager made honorably.

Wild, wooly, and always entertaining, the wrestlers of Lucha Libre know their sport and they know how to entertain. Get your tickets to this great sporting event from EventTicketDepot while you still have the chance.  Perhaps the LA Times said it best, "For a lot of people, the mask is magic." Find some magic by coming to see Lucha Libra and getting your tickets at EventTicketDepot.

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