Lydia was formed in 2003 by a group of high school friends, and they gained their fame when they won a contest for their demo to be in the Atticus: ...Dragging the Lake, Vol. 3 album. The album, made popular by one of Blink-182's songs, boosted Lydia's fame in 2004. Their indie rock music has since garnered attention for its melodic sound, and the sextet is known for rich, meaningful music. Founded in Gilbert, Arizona, they have toured with musical sensations such as the Vans Warped Tour and participated in the Bamboozle Festival. This December: It's One More and I'm Free was released in 2005, their first album. Lydia signed onto Linc Star Records in 2007, before touring with the "Illuminate Yourself Tour" for their second album, "Illuminate," in 2008.

 Considered to be alternative rock, the independent band has a supportive fan base that desires to see Lydia's music brought further into the light, while their indirect popularity makes them all the more appealing as an option in seeing brilliant music performed in person with a closer connection to the audience.

However, after completing their latest album, Assailants, to be released sometime in July, Lydia announced that the band is breaking up. Summer 2010 is Lydia's final tour, called, "The Lydia Finale: A Goodbye & Farewell Tour."

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