MLB All Star FanFest

 MLB All-Star FanFest

Although the number one draw for MLB All-Star weekend is the All-Star game itself, there are a number of fun events that take place throughout the days surrounding the big game.  Some of the top events include the homerun derby where the top heavy hitters try to accumulate lots of homeruns in a row and the Celebrity game where celebrities try to play the game against one another.  These events showcase the love of baseball and the exciting parts of the game that everyone enjoys.

 Another great attraction is called the All-Star FanFest.  In addition to going to the All-Star game, the homerun derby, and similar events, the FanFest allows fans to get in the game themselves, so to speak.  There are batting cages where fans can try to hit the equivalent of a major league fastball.  There are opportunities to throw pitches and try to match the speed and accuracy of the game's top players.  The event also has a great deal of events for younger kids so that they can nurture and grow their love of the game of baseball.  Major League Baseball knows that the key to success of the league is cultivating a young fan base and they do that with events like those at FanFest.

For true baseball fans, nothing can really match All-Star weekend and the FanFest, save maybe a trip to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  If you are a tried and true fan and would love to attend these events yourself, check out the ticket listings here on EventTicketDepot.  The location of the event moves with the All-Star game each year, so see if this year's location will fit into your schedule or if you should be planning for a trip next year.

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