MLB All Star Game

 MLB All-Star Game

Each year in July, the best baseball players that Major League Baseball has to offer come together to play in the MLB All-Star Game.  This game is always an exciting one for fans, because they can see all their top players playing on the same team and competing in a fun atmosphere.  Players are selected to play in the game based on both fan votes and a selection by coaches and players.  What this usually means is that big name players are often chosen by fans, even if they are not having an all-star caliber year.  Fans just want to see their number one guy play, even if he hasn't been doing well.  The problem with that is that a less well-known player who is having a stellar year might be overlooked.  Thus, there are other players then selected separate from the fan vote.

 One of the draws of the All-Star game is that it now means something to the game of baseball, aside from just a fun frolic.  The winning team, either the National League or American League, will have home-field advantage in that fall's World Series. This can be extremely crucial down the line for those two teams lucky enough to play for the championship.  As a result, play has been more competitive in recent years, making the game that much more entertaining.

The game is played in a different city each year in an attempt to highlight all the great ballparks and fans throughout the country.  Recently the games have been in newer ballparks so that fans from other cities can see how other parks look and to increase ticket sales for the regular season games in those parks.  To check where this year's game will be played and to get tickets, check out EventTicketDepot.


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