Memorial Golf Tournament

 Although not as well known as some other golf tournaments, like the Masters, the Memorial Golf Tournament is one of the more popular on the PGA tour.  This tournament was founded by PGA legend Jack Nicklaus and began in 1976.  The event takes place each year in Dublin, Ohio at the Muirfield Village Golf Club.  That golf course was designed by Nicklaus himself, which is one of the things that draws people to the course and the tournament.  In his honor, there is a statue of Nicklaus at the course.  Nicklaus longed dreamed of making a course himself and that dream was finally realized when the course opened just a few days before the 1976 tournament.

 The tournament is not open to all PGA players like many tournaments are and that also adds to its allure.  Only the top 75 money winners from the last year are invited to play at the tournament.  That makes sure that the best of the best participate and that fans can see their favorite golfers.  While it was once the hottest ticket in town, attendance has decreased some in the past few years, in part due to the popularity of other golfing events.  For that reason, you likely have a very good chance of getting tickets to the Memorial Golf Tournament and your chance to see the likes of Tiger Woods, who has won that tournament four times.

If you have always wanted to see a golf tournament in person, this would be a great chance to do so.  Check out EventTicketDepot for ticket information and availability.  Before you know it, you could be there to see golf history being made and witness for yourself as a golfer is honored with his own plaque to hang in the clubhouse, a yearly tradition at this tournament.


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