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 Metallica is without a doubt the premiere heavy metal band in America and has been for the last thirty years.  Asked to name a heavy metal band, even people who do not listen to the genre would be able to give you the name Metallica.  Their widespread appeal has seeped into the popular culture lexicon, such that they are really an American institution.

 Founded in 1981 in Los Angeles by drummer Lars Ulrich, who posted a newspaper ad, the band also includes lead vocalist James Hetfield and guitarist Kirk Hammett.

In 1986, the band released "Master of Puppets" which is credited with influencing the next generation of heavy metal musicians.  After their second album, their musical inclinations began leaning a bit more mainstream so to encapsulate new fans that were not hardcore head-bangers.  Although many rock bands have had tumultuous times, often changing out members and breaking up, the core of Metallica has remained the same.  The only exception is at bass guitar, where the band has had a few different people over the years.

Aside from their musical successes, which have been vast and numerous, Metallica has also appeared on cartoons shows, as well as cameos on other television programs.  Their music is also very popular in the video game music programs Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  With those games, fans can pretend to be members of Metallica and have their own spectacular guitar or drum solos.

Words cannot describe what it is like to see a Metallica concert in person and it is really something that one must experience for themselves to understand.  The roar of the crowd as the band plays old favorites and the cheers that happen during an impressive guitar solo are both things not to be missed.  If you want to check out a Metallica concert in your area, EventTicketDepot has all the information you need to find a concert in your area and purchase tickets.  Although they have had a long career, the band will not be around forever, so don't miss your chance to see a piece of history.


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