Miami Dolphins

 The Miami Dolphins are one of the most widely recognized members of the National Football League because of their unique color scheme and memorable helmet logo.  They play in Sun Life Stadium, which is actually in a suburb of Miami, Florida, called Miami Gardens.  The team was founded in 1966 as an expansion team, but they have been around so long that most young fans today do not remember a league without them.  The Dolphins have the distinction of being the oldest continuous professional team in Florida. They are currently in the eastern division of the AFC.

  The Dolphins earned success fairly early in their arrival to the NFL, reaching the Super Bowl in 1971.  While they lost the big game that year, they did win the Super Bowl the following year in 1972, and finished the season with no losses, a rare feat at the time and certainly by today's standards, given the parity in the NFL these days.  The Dolphins also became the first team to be in three Super Bowl games in a row, as well as the first to win two Super Bowls in a row.

The 1980s and 1990s were great decades for quarterbacks on the Miami Dolphins.  Bob Griese, now presently a sports broadcaster had a great career with the Dolphins and quarterback Dan Marino is considered one of the all-time greats.  While in Miami, he earned the record for most passing yards by a quarterback in the history of the NFL.  He, likewise, has gone on to commercial success including broadcasting.

While the team in the last decade has not matched the success of the Marino days, the team and their fans are hopeful that with young quarterback Chad Henne at the helm, the Dolphins will improve.  If you are a Dolphins fan, or just want to see this great team play in person, check out the listings for tickets here on EventTicketDepot.  There are tickets to home games at Sun Life Stadium, as well as at stadiums around the league that the Dolphins will be visiting this season.


Miami Dolphins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rivalries are what make professional sports great and exciting.  Whether it is a rivalry between two colleges from neighboring states, two teams who battle it out for division title year after year, or two teams from the same state trying to win over their state's fans, rivalries make for awesome entertainment.  The players play harder, the fans cheer louder, and the games seem to mean more, even if it is only just one game on the schedule.

Due to the fact that they are in the same state, the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have something of a rivalry, although many may argue it is not even in the same league as rivalries like the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.  While the Dolphins and Buccaneers, and their fans, may not have as great of a hatred for one another as  other rivals, that does not make the match-up any less exciting or thrilling.

The Miami Dolphins, who were founded by Joe Robbie, have a longer and more illustrious history than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have not been in the league quite as long.  For that reason, the Dolphin fans find themselves to be superior.  However, the Buccaneers have found more success in recent years than the Dolphins, who have struggled to find a quarterback to live up to the legend of Dan Marino, so they feel they are the top.  This battle results in a great game each time they meet.

If you are fans of either team, you should consider getting tickets to see them play in the upcoming season.  Here at EventTicketDepot you can view both teams' schedules and find out when and where they will be meeting up.  Then you can purchase your tickets for what promises to be a fun game, no matter who eventually ends up the winner.


Miami Dolphins vs. Tennessee Titans

Due to the fact that the Tennessee Titans have only been playing in Nashville since 1997, you might imagine that the Titans have a smaller following than teams like the Miami Dolphins who have been in the league since the 1960s.  However, that is not the case.  One reason is because the Tennessee Titans used to be the Houston Oilers and were in the NFL in that iteration since the 1960s as well.  While some fans did not continue their loyalty when the team moved, many Houston fans still follow and support the team despite their new location.

The team remained the Oilers for the first two years in Tennessee and then eventually changed to Titans, because "Oilers" was not really appropriate, given the lack of oil refineries in Tennessee.  The team plays their home games at LP Field, which is a great facility for watching football.  Thanks in large part to their successes in the past few years, the Titans have a great loyal following among the people of Tennessee, many of whom follow the team to away games at other venues throughout the country.  For that reason, you may see a lot of Titans fans at Sun Life Stadium if the team heads their next season to play the Miami Dolphins.   

Although the Titans have not won a Super Bowl during their tenure in Nashville, they did make it to one championship game, but did not win.  Despite this, the fans are quite supportive of their team and hope that the upcoming year will be a more successful one than last year, where the team failed to make the playoffs.  If you are a Titans fan, or a Dolphins fan who wants to see these two teams match up, be sure to get your tickets for the game here on EventTicketDepot. 



Miami Dolphins vs. Atlanta Falcons

While some teams are well-known for their style of play or their famous players, the Miami Dolphins and the Atlanta Falcons are two teams that anyone could pick out of a crowd based on their unique colors and logos.  The trademark teal and orange and the dolphin wearing a helmet logo for the Dolphins, and the black, silver, and red with the falcon logo for Falcons are both very popular.  As a result, jersey and other apparel sales for both teams are quite successful.  You will see people sporting gear from these teams even in cities other than Miami and Atlanta, something you usually only see when the teams are playing well.

Both teams joined the NFL in the late 1960s as part of league expansion.  Despite their same length of history, the Falcons have not amassed as much success as the Dolphins have.  While the Falcons have been to the Super Bowl one time, they did not win.  In contrast, the Dolphins have several Super Bowl appearances and have been Super Bowl Champions in the past.  Both teams have had big names associated with them, like Coach Don Shula and quarterback Dan Marino for the Dolphins, and Deion Sanders for the Falcons.

Despite this differing history, both of these two teams have not been performing up to their fans' standards in the last few seasons.  Both teams have struggled to have a successful quarterback, notably with the injuries to Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington, and the arrest and eventual dismissal of Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

However, despite these problems both teams are hopeful that the upcoming season will be their best yet and the game they play against one another should be a great one.  You can look at the schedule and pick up some tickets to see them play right here at EventTicketDepot.



Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills

Unfortunately for them, the Buffalo Bills may best be known as the team that has been to the Super Bowl several times, but has failed to win.  They were, and continue to be, the butt of many jokes because of their inability to win the big game.  Despite these struggles, they do have loyal fans who support them year after year in the hopes that this season will be the one where they are able to win the Super Bowl. 

The Bills have been in the NFL since the 1960s and have the distinction of being the only team in the league to actually play its home game in New York state.  Despite their names, the New York Jets and the New York Giants actually play their home games in New Jersey.  They are also the only team to have been to four Super Bowls in a row, although, as stated above, they were unable to win the championship in any of them.

Like the Bills, the Miami Dolphins have been in the NFL since the 1960s.  However, they do not have such a negative reputation and despite the fact that they have not won a Super Bowl in recent years, they do have quite a storied history that makes them a respected team.  The highlight of their history is likely the late 1980s and 1990s where star quarterback Dan Marino, under the direction of legendary coach Don Shula had great successes.

The great thing about the NFL is, however, that history does not always dictate a team's success and even a team that did not make the playoffs in the previous year may have success in the following season and even make it all the way to the Super Bowl.  As a result, every game counts and that is why the Dolphins and Bills sell so many tickets to their home games.  If you want to see these two historic teams match up in person, check out the listings here on EventTicketDepot for tickets and you might be able to be part of history.


Miami Dolphins vs. Cleveland Browns

Every professional football team in America touts the fact that they have the best fans anywhere.  While many teams have a great contingent of fans who cheer them on each week, home or away, there are really no more loyal fans than the "Dog Pound," of the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns fans have stuck by their team through thick and thin, and, in the past few years there has been a lot more "thin."  Despite that, their fans still dress up, paint their faces, and bodies, and recite special cheers and chants unique to their team.  If their team plays poorly, you may hear some booing, but for the most part they are loyal supporters of their team.

The Miami Dolphins also have a great following and a national following at that.  In part because of their storied history in the time of quarterback great Dan Marino, who became the most prolific passer in NFL history during his time with the team, fans all throughout the country sport the Dolphins unique teal and orange colors on game days.  While the quarterback in recent years, Chad Pennington, has not come close to equaling the success of Dan Marino, fans are hopeful that Chad Henne, who will likely be in at quarterback in the upcoming season, will lead their team to greatness.

For fans of the Dolphins and the Browns, their upcoming game this season will likely be an exciting one.  Given that they do not play one another too often, it is a good chance for fans of either team to check out the opposition up close and in person.  For information on their game this season, including when and where it will be played, check out EventTicketDepot.  Here you can purchase your tickets to the game for the best prices and have the chance to cheer your team on live.



Miami Dolphins vs. Detroit Lions

Although they have struggled in recent years, fans are hopeful that things will pick up next season for the Detroit Lions.  Often called the embarrassment of the State of Michigan, they have struggled to get just a handful of victories in the past few seasons.  Their home games are played at the beautiful Ford Field, located in downtown Detroit, right next door to Comerica Park, the home of major league baseball's Detroit Tigers.  Lions' fans in Detroit, and around the country, are hopeful that this season the Lions team will reach the level of success that the Tigers have seen in the last few seasons.

The Miami Dolphins have also not had too much success in the last few seasons, although their record has been far superior to that of the Lions.  Their fans hope, too, that this upcoming season will bring some good things to Miami and the Dolphins will make the playoffs with their likely starting quarterback University of Michigan star, Chad Henne.

Although the Lions and Dolphins have not played well of late, a match-up between the two teams this upcoming season could be very exciting as both teams are on the way up and hoping to compete well in the NFL this season.  Both venues, whether it be Ford Field in Detroit or Sun Life Stadium, are great places to watch a football game.  Each stadium has all the amenities that you expect to see in professional sports stadiums and will make you feel right at home.

If you are a Lions fan or a Dolphins fan and want to see them play one another in what will likely be an important match-up in their respective seasons, check out EventTicketDepot.  There, you can find out which location the teams will be meeting in this year and what tickets are available.  While a football game is a great thing to watch from any vantage point, keep in mind that the best seats in the house will likely sell quite quickly.

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