Michael W. Smith

 Michael W. Smith

Every genre of music has certain icons that are at the top of the list in notoriety and popularity. You would be hard pressed to come up with the name of a Christian singer who has had the popularity and longevity of Michael W. Smith.  An icon of Christian music since the 1980s, he really led the charge of Christian music into the mainstream lexicon.  Many current popular Christian singers and rockers owe their career success in part to the trail that Smith blazed so many years ago. 

 The great thing about Christian music is that although it has its roots in the Christian teachings and the Bible, many of the topics and themes are things that all people can relate to, regardless of their faith.  Many of the teachings of the Bible apply to everyday life and therefore it has universal appeal.  Many Christian singers will touch on topics that other genres shy away from, like peer pressure, and thus many teens are drawn to this music because they can not only relate to it, but they feel more understood.  This is especially true for Christian teens who may feel that the topics of sex and drugs often geared to their generation in more mainstream pop and rock music is inappropriate or out of place in their lives.  

If you are a fan of Christian music, you can find tickets to a number of events here at EventTicketDepot.  You can find tour dates for Michael W. Smith as well as other solo Christian artists and many of the popular Christian rock bands that are making some great music today.  Being at a Christian concert is a different experience than at a regular rock concert because you will feel a sense of togetherness with the people around you that you would not feel at another kind of concert.

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