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 The past few years have been great for the Milwaukee Brewers. After years of having a mediocre team, the Brewers are back in playoff form, thanks to such talented players as catcher Jason Kendall, and relief pitchers Salomon Torres and Eric Gagne. Although they lost the NLCS to the Philadelphia Phillies, they're showing signs of life. Eight Gold Glove-winning Jim Edmonds is a star of the team. There are also hopes in second baseman Rickie Weeks and shortstop Alcides Escobar, who still have some work to do in keeping runners from stealing bases. How many runners will the pair keep from stealing second base? Come to the stadium to find out!

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One of the great things about following a major league baseball team is learning about their history and all of the players that have been a part of your number one team.  The Milwaukee Brewers are certainly a team with a great history and a positive future.

The Brewers team actually began in Seattle under the name the Seattle Pilots.  They came to Milwaukee in 1969 when Bud Selig acquired the team through a bankruptcy.  Selig, of course, is currently the commissioner of Major League baseball.  The team was named the Brewers because of the success of breweries in the city of Milwaukee and had been the name of a minor league team in the city in the 1950s.  The Brewers were in the American League until 1997 when they switched to the National League, where they remain today.

Although the team has never won a World Series championship, they have made it to the playoffs, most notably losing in the World Series in 1982.  They also recently made the post-season in 2008.  The team has had several notable stars.  Hank Aaron played for the team for a season.  Also, pitcher Rollie Fingers, with his trademark mustache had great success as well.  However, the top player of all the time for the team is probably Robin Yount, who was a repeat all-star and the top player throughout the 1980s.

These days the team is hopeful that they will reach the postseason again.  They have a great park, Miller Park, which was built in 2001, and star players like first-baseman Prince Fielder, the son of former Detroit Tigers star Cecil Fielder.  Miller Park is a great place to watch a game and Milwaukee is a fun place to visit.  If you are a Brewers fan, or if your favorite team is playing them this season, you should check out EventTicketDepot and get yourself some tickets to the game.

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