New York Knicks

 There are only two NBA teams that have stayed in the city in which they first started playing and the New York Knicks (short for Knickerbockers) is one of them. It's one of the oldest organizations in the NBA, having started in 1946. The reason for that could be found in its strong following of die-hard Knicks fans and the historical arena in which they play - Madison Square Garden. Patrick Ewing made the team, gaining notoriety for helping the Knicks dominate their opponents. The team has been in decline after Ewing's departure from basketball, and has had some of its worst seasons in the franchise's history. But that's all in the past now as the team's management has made some surprising moves that will help the team find its way back to a winning season. Don't be a fair-weather fan. If you want to call yourself a true Knicks fan, you should be at the games to cheer on your team to victory!

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