O.A.R. is one of the most popular rock bands in the last 15 years or so, especially on college campuses.  Their albums get major airplay on college radio and online, which is a great way to get your sound heard by a large population of young people.  The band began in 1996 in Maryland, but the band uses a lot of their experiences at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio as the backdrop of many of their songs.  Focusing on topics that college students can relate to has been a clever way to go to ensure longevity in the college scene.

 Throughout  nearly the first entire decade of the band's existence, they had to work very hard to get gigs and would play anywhere they could in order to get exposure and try to gain new fans.  In 2005, however, things improved greatly as their album Stories of a Stranger made it onto the Billboard charts and gave the band their first taste of mainstream success.  Since that time they have made additional successful albums and had the opportunity to play at Madison Square Garden, something they could have only dreamed of a few years earlier.

The band is currently working on what will be their first studio album in a couple of years, having most recently released a live album to great fan appreciation.  In support of their new album, and as tribute to all their great music in the past 15 years, the band will be touring throughout the country.  If you want to see them play their great rock music in person, perhaps at a location near your college campus, check out EventTicketDepot.  One of the best college experiences can be getting some buddies together and taking a road trip to see a great band like O.A.R.

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