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PGA Tour

 The PGA Tour, the premiere level of golf, has gained a steady increase in viewership in the past ten years, in large part due to the success of stars such as Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.  Taking what was a sport for the rich and primarily older white men and making it more accessible and relatable to the masses has caused a surge in viewership of the matches on television.

 Golf seems like a simple game, just about hitting a small ball and trying to reach the targets.  However, the sport of golf really is more complex than that, involving many crucial decisions throughout the match, on top of the tremendous skill it takes to make the intricate puts and powerful drives necessary to be successful.  Many people fancy themselves to be good golfers and often brag about their skills.  Those people are humbled, however, when they witness the level of skill of the players on the PGA Tour, realizing the vast difference between their play and that of the professionals.

While some may be content with watching golf on television, there is nothing really like the experience of watching a golf tournament in person.  Standing on the edge of the green, watching elite golfers hit long drives or make a crucial putt, hearing the roar of the crowd, and following your favorite golfer from hole to hole are some of the wonderful experiences that can make watching golf live and in person so enjoyable.

If you want to see the PGA Tour live and in person, check out the tickets here on EventTicketDepot.  If it will be the first time you see a professional golf match in person, you are in for quite a treat and if you have been before, you know the mastery that awaits you when you get to the course.

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