Peter Wolf

 Peter Wolf is not just a character in a children's tale.  He is also a rather famous American rock musician who has been in the music industry since the 1960s.  Although he may be better known by some as a member of the J. Geils Blues Band, he has had a successful solo career for about 15 years after he left the band.  The band reunited briefly in 1999, before Wolf returned to his solo record making and tour schedule.

 Given his longevity in the music industry, he has had the opportunity to play live with many of the all time great performers, among them  Bruce Springsteen.  Known for being a pioneer of sorts with his electronic and funk sounds in his 1984 album, he has really tried to make his music unique to himself, without compromising too much for anyone.  That may explain why he has had greater success as a solo artist.  He really needs the opportunity to be creative and expressive in a way that only he can.

In 2008, he hooked up with the unlikely pair of Kid Rock and Rev Run of Run DMC to tour on what was dubbed the "Rock and Roll Revival Tour."  He also has recently been seen playing with the J. Geils Blues Band, although no formal reunification has been announced.  If you are a fan of Peter Wolf, you should check out the concert listings on EventTicketDepot to find out where he will be playing near you.  It could be a solo act, or with his former band, or perhaps you will find that he is part of another big tour.  Whatever the case, this site has the tickets you need to see Wolf perform live.

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