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 Although sometimes a rock band will play the same set at every concert, making no one concert different from another, the band Phish took a different tact.  They changed things up for every show, leaving fans excited to find out the set order, as well as what songs would be included in that particular concert.  Given the fact that the band enjoyed success for more than twenty years, they had a lot of songs to choose from.  Add to that the great improvisation that the band was known for and attending a Phish concert was truly a great and unique experience.

 Although the band officially broke up in 2004, they reunited in 2008 after playing a few songs together at a wedding of their former tour manager.  In 2009, Phish made a new album and toured in promotion of that album.  Fans were overjoyed with that news and, as a result, their concerts have been packed.  Phish will also be touring this summer for 29 shows, so you still have a chance to see them in concert. This is especially great for those long-time fans that never got a chance to see the band live the first time around and thought that they had missed out completely.

If playing Phish songs on Rock Band is not enough for you and you want to see them in person, you should be sure to check out the touring schedule for Phish here on EventTicketDepot.  It lists all the great venues that the band will be playing in throughout their tour.  You can also purchase your tickets for the show right here and get ready to hear some great rock music.  Keep in mind, that EventTicketDepot has tickets to just about any rock concert that you would like to attend, as well as kids events, sporting events, and musicals.

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