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REO Speedwagon

 One great concert lineup this year that you don't want to miss is 1980s super group REO Speedwagon , 80s singer  Pat Benatar,  and relative newcomer Edwin McCain.  Whether you are a fan of 1980s music or love the more modern sound of Edwin McCain, you can't really go wrong by attending this concert.  The 1980s sound, heard today, brings up such nostalgia that many concertgoers will certainly feel young again and be compelled to recall all the great experience that they had in their teens and 20s when this music was new.  Also, young people who are hearing 1980s music for the first time are learning to love these classic acts.

  The longevity and resurgence of both REO Speedwagon and Pat Benatar really gives you an idea about how loved their music was and is to this day.  Although many 1980s acts were "one hit wonders," both of them have had great staying power.  No doubt that Edwin McCain hopes that his career can have the kind of long-term success as his tour mates.  He is on the right track with hits like "I Do" and his persistence in creating music that is meaningful to him and his fans, rather than whatever style is trendy at the time.  By listening to their heart and not the record companies is one way that artists can expect long careers.

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