Ray Lamontagne

 Some people are just naturally gifted and meant to be musicians, no matter how much they may try to avoid that inevitability.  Raymond Charles LaMontange was resistant to music growing up because his father was a musician.  His father was abusive and then abandoned his family.  As a result, LaMontange felt that by not performing music, he was defying his father.  However, in the late 1990s, he heard a song by Stephen Stills late one night.  It inspired him so much that he decided he wanted to quit his factory job and become a musician.

 He did not find instant success and had to do a lot of touring on his own and shop his demo tape around for quite awhile before he got signed to a label.  All of his hard work was worth it, however, because he was able to release an album in 2004 after working on it for just two weeks.  The album, called Trouble, was the first in a line of successes for him.  He has used his talent for good as well, participating in charity events, such as to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina and for cancer research. 

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