Rob Thomas

 Rob Thomas is probably best well-known as the lead singer of the band Matchbox Twenty, although he has recorded several solo albums as well.  He is also well-known for a duet that he did with Carlos Santana called "Smooth," which was immensely popular and earned him a Grammy.  In addition to singing, he also writes most of the music that he sings.  He has also written songs for other artists like Taylor Swift.

 Thomas has a unique smooth voice that is instantly recognizable in all of his songs.  He also has created music in a variety of genres, including pop rock, adult contemporary, and alternative rock.  His universal appeal is what has made him a success, both with Matchbox Twenty and on his own.  There are few singer/songwriters who have such a strong gift for storytelling in their music and hearing him play evokes the imagination with its great imagery.

In addition to music, Thomas can be seen on television, guest starring on shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Real Time with Bill Maher.  Also, Thomas is an animal activist and has supported many animal charities.  He also established a foundation called the Sidewalk Angels to help needy people in various cities get the basic essentials that they need.

If you are a big fan of Rob Thomas, you should really see him in concert.  Although he does occasionally perform with other members of his band, usually now he sings solo in concert.  For that reason, most of the material that you hear will be his more recent musical offerings.  These songs are really spectacular and really lend themselves to live performance.  To get tickets to see him in concert, check out Event Ticket Depot.  They have tickets to all the great shows, sporting events, and concerts.

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