Roger Waters

 One of the latest trends in the music industry appears to be the surge of solo acts by singers from very popular rock bands of a few decades ago.  One of those singers is Roger Waters, who is best known as being one of the founding members of Pink Floyd.  He, like the rest of the band, is from England and plays bass as well as sings.  He was also one of the most prolific songwriters among the members of Pink Floyd.  Trends seem to suggest that the lead singers and/or writers from bands of old have the most success on their own.  This is part due to having recognizable voices and part due to having great skills as songwriters.

 Waters has been doing his own thing as solo artist for two decades and although he does not have the name recognition that his former band does, he has still had great success in both record sales and critical success.  He has made touring one of his top priorities as an artist, likely believing that the best way to win people over with your music is to let them hear it in person.  His style of music, which is a mix of rock opera, psychedelic, and progressive rock really plays well in a large venue and his fans love his music even more when they hear him in concert.

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