Rufus Wainwright

 Most great musicians, specifically singer/songwriters have had some difficulty in their lives upon which they can draw inspiration for their lyrics.  Although a good writer could make up lyrics without having experienced pain or loss, it may come across as false.  One singer/songwriter who unfortunately has had a lot of negativity in his past to draw on is Rufus Wainwright, who hails from Canada. Wainwright has had various struggles do deal with in his life.  He came out as gay as a teenager and was not accepted by his parents.  This is a hard thing to deal with, especially as a young person, and was only compounded when Wainwright was later sexually assaulted, something that deeply scarred him emotionally.

 Even after his career was going well in the early 2000s, Wainwright's life was not without problems.  He became addicted to crystal meth and lost his vision for a short while as a result.  He eventually went into a rehabilitation center based on the advice of his friend and mentor singer Elton John, who also battled substance abuse in his life.  Without this intervention, it is possible that Wainwright may not have survived to continue making great music.

After successfully kicking the drug habit, his career has gone to even greater heights.  One of his top career moments was doing a special two day concert at Carnegie Hall.  What made the shows special was that he performed solely the music of Judy Garland, based on an album she recorded in that venue back before Wainwright was even born.  The concert was a tremendous success and gave him additional fame and accolade.  He has also released a CD recording of his show, as well as a DVD for those fans who were not fortunate enough to see the show in person.

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