STS9 - Sound Tribe Sector 9

 One of the most underrated genres of music these days is instrumental.  While there is a certain following for classical music, such as orchestral arrangements of Bach or Beethoven, modern instrumental music is not as highly touted.  This is unfortunate because there are some great bands out there playing instrumental music.  One of those bands is Sound Tribe Sector 9, also called STS9.

STS9 has a unique sound and incorporates jazz, funk, and hip hop into their instrumental and electronic sound.  They are well known for their great live performances, where they do a lot of unique things that do not appear on their albums.  While a lot of bands love to do guitar solos or drum solos during their concerts, STS9 loves to show off their rhythmic sound as a group, which often sounds amazing.

The band has been around for awhile and had five albums and one DVD of one of their live shows.  They have their own label, which allows them a lot of freedom to be as creative as they want, without having to follow what their label dictates.  However, given that they don't have the monetary support of the label, they need to do their own promotion.  One of the great ways that they have promoted themselves is by touring a lot, especially at festivals where they can be seen and heard by people who have not heard of them before.  They know that once someone hears their sound, they will be hooked, so it has worked in their favor to attend many festivals.

For people looking to hear a new kind of music rather than the same old sound that they are used to from rock bands or hip hop groups, they should consider the instrumental music of STS9.  It really will be an ear-opening experience and like nothing else you have ever seen.  If you want to see them in concert, check out what festivals they will be appearing at.  You can find that information here on EventTicketDepot and purchase tickets here as well.

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