Sandi Patty

 When a singer is known simply as "The Voice," you know that she has amazing gifts and is not just your everyday manufactured pop singer.  In fact, the moniker of "The Voice," has been given to singer Sandi Patty, who is a Christian music singer.  She is known for her incredible ability to sing great soprano music, including very high notes.  For that reason she has been adored for decades.

 Patty first got her start singing commercial jingles in the 1970s for things like Juicy Fruit gum.  She eventually landed a record deal and released several Christian and gospel albums over the years.  One album that she is quite proud of that was released in 2009 was an acoustic album called Simply Sandi.  It really allowed her to get back to basics and show her true gifts without any mechanized additions.  In addition to albums, she has also released a DVD of one of her live performances, which allows fans to have Sandi Patty seem to be right in their home.

In addition to great record sales and selling out concerts, Patty has been given a lot of awards throughout her career.  She has received five Grammy Awards and an astounding 39 GMA Dove Awards, given to the best gospel music.  Additionally, in 2004, she was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.  It is great for her to be so recognized by her peers in that way and has encouraged her to carry on with performing and recording. 

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