Sara Evans

 Country music singer Sara Evans has been playing music since a very young age.  She even ventured into nightclubs at the age of 16, performing at an establishment in Missouri that she was not even old enough to get into otherwise.   In 1991, Evans moved with her family to Nashville and that is when her career really took off.  Her first album in 1997 was more traditional grass roots kind of country music than what was permeating the airways at the time.  She was unique among the other female acts in the business, given that they were focusing much more strongly on pop country, hoping to have the cross-over appeal like Faith Hill or Shania Twain. 

 However, with her next album she ventured away from the traditional sound and into this more common pop country arena.  Although some argued she was not being true to her sound, she was rewarded with more fame and more airplay.  She had her first big mega hit when she did a duet with country star Vince Gill called No Place That Far.  After that, her career really skyrocketed and she ended up with many CMA nominations to her credit.

Later, she became the first country music singer to appear on Dancing with the Stars.  That is a popular American television show that features celebrities pairing with professional dancers to perform ballroom dance.   Unfortunately, Evans had to leave the show prematurely to deal with her divorce from her husband. The fallout from the divorce, which was very combative through the media, took a toll on her and her career.

She has bounced back, however, writing a book, new music, and planning a tour.  Evans has shown the courage to persevere through the heartache and come out the other side.  If you want to see this great country singer in person, you can get tickets to see her in concert here on EventTicketDepot.

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