Unfortunately for the bands that perform them, sometimes certain songs are extremely well-known and loved, yet most people do not know who sang them.  One of those hits is "Rock You Like a Hurricane."  The song has had immense airplay over the past few decades, is played at sporting arenas, and on television, yet many people would be hard pressed to name the band behind the song.  The answer is the Scorpions.

 The Scorpions hail from Germany and have been in the music business since 1965, selling more than 100 million albums.  They have worked very hard continuously since that time, making music and touring.  However, given their advancing ages, they have decided to retire.  Their most recent album, Sting in the Tail, will be their last.  They will, however, be touring in support of that album before they retire, on the Get Your Sting and Blackout World Tour 2010.

Given that this tour is the band's swan song, you know that they are going to go big with their performances and leave everything on the stage.  They have the benefit of knowing that this tour will be their last and can really put all their effort into it, knowing that they can rest when they are done, with a permanent vacation.

While this hard rock band has had several changes to its members over the years, there are three members who have been there since the beginning.  Those men are Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, and Rudolf Schenker.  The kind of dedication that they have shown to the music of Scorpions and their fans should really be applauded. 

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