Shawn Colvin

 Learning to play guitar at just 10 years old, Shawn Colvin was a natural at the performance game.  She even gave her first live show at just 15 years old.  Colvin is known for being a great singer/songwriter and has maintained her level of greatness throughout her career.  Before getting her big break as a solo artist, Colvin acted as a back-up singer for many great artists like Suzanne Vega and Mary-Chapin Carpenter.

 In 1996, Colvin's hard work paid off and she reached the top 10 on the Billboard chart with the song Sunny Came Home.  It also won the Grammy for Song of the Year and Record of the Year.  Despite putting out more music and appearing on television and on soundtracks, she has not matched the sales success of Sunny Came Home.  She has, however, earned additional critical acclaim, receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Folk Recording for her album Shawn Colvin Live in 2009.

Shawn Colvin appeared on the Lilith Fair Tour in the 1990s and it is expected that she may return to the tour when it reopens this year after a long hiatus.  Like many female singer/songwriters, Colvin's music has a lot of themes about women taking control of their lives and women's empowerment, which make her a natural fit for the tour.  She will also be appearing at some folk festivals during the summer and will be doing a show with fellow female star Lisa Loeb.

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