She And Him

 It was once a rare thing to have an actress crossover into music or a singer crossover into acting.  However, today that is pretty common with the likes of Hillary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, and Lindsay Lohan.  One actress who has been a bit more low-key about her work in the music industry is Zooey Deschanel.  Best known for her roles in movies like 500 Days of Summer, she is also quite the budding music star.

 Along with M. Ward, she performs in the band She & Him, who just released their second album, Volume Two, this year.  She sings, as well as plays the piano and banjo in the band, while he plays guitar.  They are of the indie rock genre and have also been labeled alternative country, perhaps because of the use of the banjo. The pair met on the set of one of her movies when they were asked to sing a song together for the movie's credits.  From there, their partnership took off.

The band's first album was released in 2008 and was called Volume One.  It was quite successful and it landed them a spot at South by Southwest music festival.  She & Him are expected to be making the rounds at the rock festivals again over the summer this year, including the Sasquatch! Festival in Washington, Coachella, and many more.  Although their ability to tour extensively is limited by Deschanel's acting schedule, they do try to tour as much as they can in order to please their fan base and also gain new fans.

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