Shen Yun Performing Arts

 The American people have always been fascinated with Asian culture.  It may be that it is simply so different from their own culture, or it could be because it is so vibrantly rich with colors, costuming, and the arts.  One aspect of Asian culture that has always been a hit in America has been performance art, whether than be dancing, gymnastics, or acrobatics. 

 One act out of China, called Shen Yun Performing Arts, is very popular with U.S. audiences and has played to sold out crowds.  Their shows are really a mix of many different kinds of acts, rather than just one thing.  For example, in one show, you will probably see Classical Chinese dancing, hear wonderful traditional Chinese music, and be visually entertained by the glorious and beautiful costuming of all of the members of the troop.

Kind of a mixture of the circus and a musical or opera, the show if filled with acting performances, musical instruments, as well as acrobatics.  The history of the Chinese people is told through the jumps, spins, and gestures of the performers.  They may fly through the air or dance quite simply in place.  Each of these performances has a different meaning and purpose to the overall show.

This event is great for children because you can expose them to history, culture, and a diverse nation much different than their own.  Children can learn things in textbooks to a certain extent, but they really will retain what they see and learn at this show than anything they are taught in a classroom.

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