Sheryl Crow

 Few female singers can really be labeled enigmatic and few stay at the pinnacle of music for the entirety of their career.  Rather, most singers, both male and female, are often one hit wonders or flashes in the pan.  One singer, though, who you can really call the voice of a generation is the tremendously talented Sheryl Crow.  A fixture for years on the Lilith Fair tour, she has always incorporated political and women's issues into her music.  Not merely a pop singer for the sake of singing, she instead uses her musical platform to try to change the world.

 Crow began singing professionally in the late 1980s, serving as a back-up singer for such artists as Michael Jackson.  She also performed on the less than successful musical television show Cop Rock.  She eventually hooked up with same band members and released her first album called Tuesday Night Music, which was well received by the critics.  However, this album was not her key to stardom, although her star was on the rise, evidenced by the fact that she was named of the top new faces by Rolling Stone magazine in 1993.

Crow's real break would come with her next album in 1996, which was loaded with heavy themes.  Among the hits off that album were A Change Would Do You Good, If it Makes You Happy, and Everyday is a Winding Road.  Her success from that album was huge and she was firmly fixed as a star.  She would continue to work on music steadily over the years, despite battling depression.

Unfortunately depression is not the only serious illness that she has had to deal with.  Shortly after breaking off her engagement with cycling great Lance Armstrong, Crow learned that she had breast cancer.  Despite the diagnosis, she was able to persevere and continue to make great music since her recovery.   

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