Shooter Jennings

 While most people have heard of country music legend Waylon Jennings, his son Shooter Jennings has not quite reached that level of fame.  Despite the lack of name recognition, many people are familiar with Shooter Jennings and his singing voice because he appeared in the movie Walk the Line, about Johnny Cash.  Jennings played his father Waylon in that movie and his singing voice appears on the very successful soundtrack.

 Aside from this movie appearance, Shooter Jennings is best known for his own music, which has included country, Southern rock, and, more recently hard rock.  Some have speculated that his movement toward hard rock may be an attempt to deviate from the type of music that is father is so well-known for.  Jennings first album was released back in 2005, and he has since released three more solo albums.  Since his entre into hard rock, he has been recording and performing with a band called Hierophant.  They have released an album called Black Ribbons this year and will be touring in support of that album.

When your parents are musicians, as both of Jennings's parents were, it make sense that you will naturally tend toward the music side of performing.  He started out young, playing drums and piano at five years old, before learning to play guitar as a young teen.  While he was used to hearing his parents playing country music, he eventually got into rock music as a teenager, which later he would decide to focus his career on.  He is fortunate that he has had the opportunity to make such a drastic change in genres during his career, because too often musicians get pigeon-holed and stuck in one genre, receiving criticism if they try to change.

If you are a fan of Shooter Jennings or just like hard rock music, you should check him out on tour with his band Hierophant.  Those of you who like Jennings's country songs will probably not be hearing any of those on the tour, but you can rest assured that you will hear great music.  If you want to get tickets to see him play, you can find them right here on EventTicketDepot.

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