Singer and songwriter Sia is a great example of how a singer needs to persevere and struggle to get the fame and acclaim that they desire.  Sometimes that struggle may be leaving your home country.  Sia, whose full name is Sia Kate Furler, was born in Australian, but did not get the kind of solo success that she wanted until she moved to the United Kingdom.  Sometimes a change of scenery or being in the right place at the right time is what an artist needs to get that big break.

 Prior to her solo career taking off, Sia also was involved with the band Crisp was an indie band with acid jazz themes.  In her solo work, she is known for a more soulful sound, with jazz infusion.  Her solo successes have included an Aria Award for Best Music DVD and a nomination for Best Breakthrough Artist.  Although her solo career is on the rise, she is also continuing to write music for other artists.  Among the artists that she has written for is pop icon Christina Aguilera.  By writing for others, Sia has gotten the opportunity to have more of her songs out into the mainstream that she would if she was the only one performing her music.

Although Sia has been in the popular culture news more for her bisexuality than her music at times, she would rather people focus on her work that her social life.  While it is impossible to keep an entirely private life when you are a public figure, she has really tried to attain that as much as she possibly can.

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