Simon and Garfunkel

 An iconic group of the 1960s, Simon and Garfunkel made some of the best music of that era, music that has such staying power that it has been loved by the next generation as well.  Made up of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, the group first got together in 1957, although they were called Tom & Jerry then.  Their fame first began in 1965 with the release of their song The Songs of Silence.  This, coupled with the fact that their music was used in the hit movie The Graduate, ensured that this duo was on their way to the top.

 The relationship between the pair was not always great, however, and their music suffered because of their personal differences with one another.  Eventually the pair found their relationship to be too acrimonious and they had to part in 1970.  This news brought a lot of sadness and a sense of loss to the world of music, which had a void for a long time after the pair split.

Since they broke up, they reunited for many performances.  For example, they played a concert in Central Park in New York City in 1981 which was seen by an estimated half million people.  They did a couple of other public performances, but then had a decade long period where they did not play in public together.  That was ended, however, when they performed at the 2003 Grammy Awards at which they received the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

After that performance, the duo reunited for an actual tour of the United States that had many dates in close to 30 cities.  They have continued to have short tours nearly every year since then and this year is no different.  They will be touring together in the United States and Canada this year.  To see if they are performing near you and to purchase tickets, check out the listings right here on EventTicketDepot.

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