Not just a cooking implement, Skillet refers to a hard rock band from Memphis, Tennessee.  Skillet is a member of a growing sub genre of hard rock music that is called Christian hard rock.  While hard rock and heavy metal was once criticized by religious groups as devil worship music, there has been quite a shift in the tide of opinion.  Although Christian hard rock music sounds no different than other hard rock music, the lyrics and themes are quite different, focusing on positive themes and relationships with God.

 The band had performing for close to 15 years and during that time they have received two Grammy nominations for some of the music from their eight albums.  The band's unique name comes from the fact that when the band first formed, all the members were in different bands and working together as a side project.  They likened putting all their different music skills and styles together like cooking up something in a skillet.  While the name started as a joke, it has stayed with them, despite dislike of the name by some of the band's own members.

The band is currently touring on the Awake on Alive tour.  They will be touring later this year with the band Creed and TobyMac in separate appearance.  Skillet is big on touring because they consider it to be a great way to spread their message to more people.  While not everyone will listen to Christian radio or buy an album labeled "Christian," people may attend a rock concert and be pleasantly surprised by the universal themes that they hear.

If you love Skillet or just love hard rock, Christian hard rock specifically, you should consider seeing them live in concert.  Like other hard rock bands, they perform well on stage, with lots of improvisation and guitar solos.  You can get tickets to see them in concert here on EventTicketDepot.

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